Our firm is obligated to act as a fiduciary to our clients. That means that we have an undivided duty of loyalty to act in your best interest.


Our Approach

We take a balanced approach to investing focusing on investments that have superior growth prospects that are undervalued. Our general investment style is growth at a reasonable price (“GARP”). GARP is a balance between value investing and growth investing. We seek companies with superior growth potential that may be currently under recognized or out of favor. Historically the growth at a reasonable price approach has produced positive returns with less volatility in down markets. Similarly, in the bond market, we analyze the yield curve and compare various bond classes with respect to the macroeconomics to search for undervalued bond opportunities.

Most of our portfolios are balanced: a custom mix of stocks, bonds, other asset classes and cash. We strategically use exchange traded funds and no-load mutual funds where appropriate to fill certain market sectors and provide diversification. These are the building blocks of our portfolios designed to minimize associated costs and to be tax efficient.

Helping clients understand the importance of having a financial conversation for what it is intended for - financial independence.

Find out why we are different

  • We strive to be at the center of all our clients’ monetary decisions. Partnering with accountants and estate attorneys, we make sure you have a coordinated team of professionals working in your best interest.

  • Fee-only structure that aligns with our clients avoiding any conflict of interest.

  • Avoiding the emotions and biases often associated with investing.

  • We help clients consolidate financial accounts under one custodian platform.

  • We believe everyone needs a financial planner regardless of account size.

  • We create tax-efficient portfolios using account allocation when applicable.

  • We treat the assets we manage for clients as their second income in retirement. It is our shared responsibility to help grow and protect it.